Renato Arcanjo

My painting is done in oil and acrylic on canvas. Contemporary and abstract style. Representing a maximum of emotions, with a minimum of drawings and lines and maximum color.

It represents everything or almost everything of myself. It represents my psychic need to express feelings and emotions of every order that are constantly boiling in the black hole of my self. It represents a bit of the conscious, but much of the unconscious personal and collective restless and unknown. It represents the personal unconscious nourished by absolutely all the impressions, sensations and perceptions traversed by the six sense organs - especially by the sixth, which filters out the actual organic needs.

It is the expression plotted in simple lines and planes, with a minimum of strokes and a maximum of color. It is the presence of the color over the rigor of drawing and the classic graphic form, aiming at a maximum of expression. Synthesizing, a simplistic or simplisticity graphic in vibrant colors, characterized by abstract contemporary interpretative of emotions and things that promote emotion.