Reinhard Herzog

Reinhard Herzog learned his craft while studying to be a laboratory glass engineer at the Wertheim Academy for Glass in Germany.  In 1977,  he opened his own glass studio in Wertheim, and began the dream of bringing his visions of glass,  "a child of light," to life.  While Reinhard has worked at the oven and the torch, is  best known for his montage technique, the highest level of lampwork.  In this complex procedure, different colored glass pieces are melted together with careful precision to form intricate glass creations.  His masterpieces have been exhibited in galleries and shops around the world. To express his whimsical side, Reinhard has also created many different ornaments vases, and animals that require skill and artistry.  A master glass artist, the German Crafts Council has sent Reinhard as their representative to festivals and exhibitions around the world to demonstrate his lampworking ability.