Randi Lorber

Randi Lorber has a unique photographic and artistic style that strives to bring magic, whimsy and perhaps a bit of the surreal to even the most ordinary moments in time.

Randi was born and raised in northern New Mexico, an area highly renowned for its art, culture,and cuisine. Having grown up surrounded by exceptional art she is heavily influenced by a number of genres as well as the vast landscapes of her home. She has a fondness for stunning architecture, which can be seen in many of her images. Her mother, master ceramics artist Ruth Radin, always ensured that Randi was exposed to art and allowed Randi to explore many different artistic avenues. Randi's father, an avid amateur photographer, introduced Randi to film photography at a young age, which sparked a passion that has spanned the length of her lifetime. While initially intimidated by digital photography, she has found that the ability to manipulate her images allows for greater artistic depth. Her images are truly a look into her mind's eye. Randi continuously strives to broaden her skills and continue on her path as an ever-evolving artist. Randi enjoys the process from start to finish and hand crafts her frames as well as prints much of her work in house.