Prince Duncan-Williams
Mixed Media

"Since childhood, I've always wanted to create works of art that impart distinct sensations of dynamic movement to their viewers, and I believe I have achieved this sensation in each of my creations. Above all, I love seeing viewers smile when they connect with the vitality of my silk mosaic art. My silk mosaics are best known for their strong and unique use of color, the latter of which I have always had a strong relationship with. Color has energized and intrigued me for as long as I can remember. Thirty five years of self-taught artist and sixteen years in silk art experience has led me to a very saturated, bold, and recognizable silk mosaic art."

Few musical styles are as colorful as jazz, and artist Prince Duncan-Williams knows this. Composed with silk as smooth as the music of John Coltrane and with a explosive vivacity of colors that brings to mind the frenzied syncopation of New Orleans-style jazz, Prince silk mosaics succeed in creating something of a miracle: jazz without sound.