Pomm Hepner

Capturing the motion and energy behind life's creative moments—that's what Los Angeles master painter Pomm strives to do every time she sits at her easel. An exhibiting artist for the past 30 years, Pomm was born in Los Angeles to a Paris-born mother who named her daughter Pomme—which means "apple" in French—after a young character in a novel written by French author Colette. Pomm's mother dropped the "e" in order to ensure the correct pronunciation, and to honor her daughter with the uniquely elegant moniker.

Pomm's watercolor painting "Unspoken Courage" brought her national acclaim after September 11, 2001. This painting is displayed on the New York Fire Department's memorial wall in New York City as well as in 35 different N.Y. firehouses. Most recently, Pomm became part of Artists for Human Rights International, a group formed to unite artists under the common cause of raising awareness and educating the public about human rights issues.