Phyllis and Jerry Minnery

"Treasures began at a time in my life when I needed a distraction, something to fill my mind.  Several years ago my husband was diagnosed with cancer and we were in a serious battle to regain his health.  Several trips to the hospital for surgeries and many weeks of chemo, very serious complications and many hours just sitting and waiting and I needed to prepare for the upcoming holidays.  I have an art background and the love to create.  I had made jewelry years ago, when my children were small and I had enjoyed it.  I thought I’d try that again, thinking I could make Christmas gifts.  I fell in love and took precious metal smithing classes... now I’m totally obsessed.  I gave every female in the family lots of jewelry that year and made pieces for myself as well.  Friends and coworkers started asking if I could make pieces for them, and a business was born.  I can’t wait to turn on my torch and my mind is always visualizing the next piece to create.  Making jewelry is now my celebration of my husband’s good health".