Petra Kneissle
Mixed Media

Petra Kneissle, painter, coach and mediator, living in Florida since 2011. Her works represents obstinate images from paintings, room installations and other projects. 

Without academic background she started becoming an artist in 1995. A spiritual encounter during an extended one year stay in Spain changed her life into an entirely new direction. Touched internally, taking the instructions and technics of her dreams serious and understanding art as well as a medium and aspect for healing. 

For 4 years she followed this way, developing and learning as autodidact, experimenting with color charcoal, crayon and consecutively transiting into working with aquarelle. From there she honed her skills, primarily using acrylic on canvas. 

Based on the deep message of spiritual nature she started in 2000 showing her first works at local venues as “In Gedanken” (transl. “Absorbed in Thoughts”). In addition she dedicated an auction from her paintings and raised a foundation named “Art and Culture for tumor and leukemia suffering children” with several different local artists contributing. 

For the next 6 years she held a Art teaching assignment on the “School for sick Children ( Ulm)” in close collaboration with different foundations of the University Ulm/Germany and committed for several years as lecturer for adult education (Center for Community Educational Programs – Ulm/Germany). She began teaching classes for adults and children in her art studio established in 2008. 

In 2008/09 she obtained professional licenses as coach and meditator, thus extending her experiences by an additional important part. Since then she started coaching whoever is interested, be it organizations or individuals - independent of their status, age or culture. The basic statement in here professional work is: “How do we treat each other - Teaching human skills for a respectful life”. In 2009 she participated in the foundation of the “German Coaching and Mediation Association” (DCMV) Kempten/Germany. 

As Petra Kneissle became more widely known in Ulm for creating well received public art projects and different exhibitions. 

Her newest developed art project she is currently working on is based on real coconuts which are artistically altered in different styles. “Pearls of Earth” this is meant to be a gift from but also an expression of Florida’s richness in nature.