Peter Freischlag

Peter has been an artist for as long as he can remember and still proudly displays the ceramic dinosaur he made when he was just four years old. However, since 1986 he has solely worked in watercolors. Peter has shown his artwork in juried shows and galleries since 1987 winning numerous awards. Peter's free-flowing style makes his watercolors unique. Peter is a mood painter creating an impression of his sublet matter through the use of bold and energetic colors. Peter's greatest satisfaction comes from the donation to worthy causes such as Habitat for the Humanity, the American Heart Association and the American Breast Cancer Society among others. His most recent large scale project was commissioned by Johns Hopkins in Baltimore where he produced some 50 originals for their surgery wing. Recently, in his Outside-In Series, he discovers that incorporating antiques can make art bold and imaginative. Stumbling across a vintage window sash in an antique store in Iowa, Peter had a vision of putting one of his paintings behind the glass, both savoring the history of the sash and bringing his art to life in another way. All of his found sashes range in age from the early 1800s to the mid-1950s and have rich and concealed pasts all their own. Whether the sash is from a New England farmhouse or an apartment building in Chicago, each sash has been brought back to life as Peter has brought the outside back inside, creating art where there was none before. In his latest endeavor, The Colorado Experience, Peter has focused on the beauty of Colorado - he lives there now. Peter loves watercolors and if it looks like his paintings are fun to paint, they are!