Paul Flack
Mixed Media

"Fresco is a system of painting where colors penetrate the plaster and become fixed as it dries. Each of these paintings starts with a wood frame. The frames, or blanks, are coated with Venetian plaster. The plaster is stained using a variety of water-based pigments to resemble a weathered outside structure such as a wall. A variety of multi-media colorants and media are used to bring to mind the spontaneity of street art in keeping with perhaps the comment of an anonymous soul interacting with his or her environment. The work is then finished with a high gloss resin glaze in order to further the illusion that perhaps the image was “rescued” from a hostile exterior environment, cleaned, processed and protected so as to acknowledge its inherent message and aesthetic properties. Each painting is absolutely unique. Themes and messages include; social commentary, nostalgic feelings and Pop iconography".