Paul Braun

After graduation from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1988, I had the opportunity to use my traveling scholarship (Helen Greene Perry) to study in detail the megalithic structures in Ireland, England, and other European countries. Stonehenge, New Grange, Knowth, and the many other mysterious stone formations have had the most influence on my work. Experiencing these structures in person gave me admiration for the artists of centuries ago and inspiration for my future work.

I feel sculpture is about creating form in which the artist exhibits control, balance, and mystery. No matter what medium is used, these elements should be communicated. My inspiration from ancient constructions and mystical carvings has guided me to develop a body of work, which combines age-old concepts with contemporary forms.

Alabaster, limestone, soapstone, granite, and marble are the primary materials with which I work. Their textures, color, and degrees of hardness provide for endless discovery. I enjoy working in the abstract because it allows me the freedom to explore the material; it offers the opportunity to highlight the natural beauty of the stone in unique ways. I also welcome the challenge of realistic work and set aside a special part of the studio for experimenting with new mediums and techniques.

My stone sculptures can currently be viewed at galleries in California, Florida, Idaho, Ohio, New Mexico, and Washington. They are also in numerous private collections.