Patricia DeLeon

The Artist
For me painting is equal parts questioning, searching, expression… all with as much discipline and honesty as possible.

I received a BFA in Photography and Fibers. The only rooms I never walked into in art school were the Painting studios. After graduating I worked for several galleries and spent over five years grinding metal, welding and otherwise assisting my partner in his studio. I decided, then, that my most urgent desire was to paint.  Thus I find myself in vigorous pursuit of the mysterious and intangible facets of everyday life.

In essence, my painting is a form of consciousness married with a practice of contemplation;  an instinctual, illuminated observation born of mark-making. The figures in my paintings do not represent particular individuals, but rather aspects of universal experience.

Working methodically on Baltic Birch, I build deep layers of color and texture using a multiplicity of materials and approaches: pure pigments, waxes, graphite, and applied elements; a true mixed media intuitively synchronized through a search for balance and harmony. 

I live and work in Greenville, SC. I share the wondrous space with my dog companion and my husband, artist Rey Alfonso.