Pam Fox
The Pam Fox Jewelry studio is tucked away in the lush subtropical forests of rural Sarasota, Florida. Her designs reflect the textures and shapes of the diverse surrounding plant life. All the jewelry pieces are individually designed and hand-crafted by Pam using a variety of metal-smithing techniques.
She begins the process by growing and collecting seeds, pods, and buds, along with other stimuli such as orchids and pineapples. Taking impressions of them using dental techniques, she captures portions of the natural subjects or alters them. She uses these individual casts as repeated elements throughout a series of pieces--earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or spheres--by soldering them to various forged elements.
A wide variety of metalsmithing techniques help her create the final design, but with each individually designed and hand-crafted piece, she produces wearable art that interplays between man-made structure and the natural form.