Onyx Crimbil

I am just a craftsman in an ANCIENT ART-FORM.
Sculpture is an ancient art-form; the lost wax casting process has hardly changed over the course of the past couple thousand years and it is a truism accepted by many that most everything has been depicted before over the course of those millennia – when you take a step back from the creative process, you start to notice that everything is connected. By using my powers of observation, my personal style, and life-experience as a prism of perception and synergizing different sources of inspiration with my own passion for creation, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to these venerable materials and memes. My goal is to strike a chord in the viewer – to spark flashes of rapport and shared-understanding that encourage you to pause… to look and to see in a new way. It is my hope that my work touches something within you, feeds your desire, and evokes a sense of connection to something larger and more encompassing…