Nels Johnson

I sell my photographs at outdoor art shows, I have been doing this for 36 years.  You may have seen me at the Kansas City Plaza Show, or maybe the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair, possibly at Main Street Ft. Worth and most likely at the Naples show. I have won more than 300 awards in juried shows.  

I displayed by a waterfall on Oahu in 1976 and have been doing 36 shows a year since.  This is how I make my living.  I am now 70 years strong.  
Nowadays, everybody wants to know if you have web presence, so I have finally done one.  You can now just find me here, or revisit after seeing me at a show.  See it here, pick it out, and I will ship it pronto.  I have many varied portfolios of work, so please browse them, hopefully you will want to make one of them yours.
Winters,I live in Florida where I am born, and summers, Saugatuck,MI  in the midwest.