Nathanael Carroll

  ElevenEleven Studio, the company, was officially created in 2011 after many years of Elizabeth nagging Nathan to find a way to sell his art. Together they would attend local art shows frequently and realized that was the avenue they should take to get Nathan's art in front of people. The art festival business plan would not only allow the family to make extra money, sell Nathan's art, and make space in the basement but also create opportunities for travel across the country as a family. 
            The company name comes from Elizabeth and Nathan's wedding date 11/11/2005. When applying for a tax id number a business name needed to be listed, many artist just use their full name but Nathan didn't really like that idea and instead chose to create ElevenEleven Studio. This decision has proven to be the correct choice as this year Elizabeth has ventured into the art festival world as well. 
           The future of ElevenEleven Studio is unknown. God has already opened so many doors; art gallery shows in Lancaster, PA/ Bologna, Italy/ New York City and beyond. In the Future will we open a brick and mortar studio? God will develop his plan for us and reveal it to us over time but for now we are enjoying travel with the family and having the opportunity to share our talents and creativity with others.