Nancy Ney

For many decades, Nancy Ney was one of New York City’s most sought after advertising, fashion and lifestyle photographers. In 2013 her artistic core shifted and Nancy honed her craft to a fine art that focuses on special situations and unique themes that interest her. Most notably, humanity portraits set in exotic geographical regions as well as natural landscapes that possess a singular sense of beauty.

Creating moments that expose the essence of a person’s character, keeping it fresh and spontaneous has always been Nancy’s goal. Her images have won numerous awards, including first prize in the ipa Family of Man 2016. She was chosen to exhibit at the Coral Gables Museum show entitled Capturing Coral Gables.

Countries that Nancy recently traveled to for her photography include Bhutan, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Galapagos, Iceland, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal and Northern and Southern India.

A recent resident of Miami, Nancy has also participated in many of South Florida’s art fairs, as well as exhibited on Fire Island, New York where she also maintains a home.