Nancy Fobert
Mixed Media

Hi I’m Nancy Fobért, my husband is Gary Fobért and together we are Fobért Designs.  I was born in the lovely Finger Lakes Region of New York and raised in the Midwest.  In 2007 we returned east to join my Father in the antique business.  Our first encounter with tin ceiling tiles soon followed; it began at a church located in Elmira, NY in 2008.  I will never forget when I looked up and saw that magnificent ceiling that had witnessed decades of history.  That was the beginning of my Love Affair with tin ceilings.  Many ceilings later I still get excited as I try to express myself in every piece of art. 

I developed a unique process of Tin Glazing using layers of paints, stains and the sun as the “kiln” that takes several days for the raw tin to emerge into finished pieces.  The Historic glazed pieces are arranged and layered making bold, industrial and contemporary statements of art.  The tiles are One of Kind due to the patina and warmth of the tin glazing combined with the design element of layering several pieces. The history/provenance of where the art began its Journey is noted on the back of each piece.  Gary and I share a common passion to preserve this part of our American Architectural History as art. The finished art ushers the past into the present for a new generation to enjoy.  It is truly art that breathes history on your walls.