M. Jane Johnson
Mixed Media

          My mixed media paintings are built form layers of paint, collage, drawing, and at times oil paint creating richly colored and textured paintings. My work is process driven starting with loose broad strokes of paint and adding and editing as the piece progresses. Each painting has art papers, stencils, and mark making adding to the patterns and interesting textural quality of the work. I allow the layers and textures to dictate the winding path to completion. Images appear and vanish in the mysterious journey towards completion. As the layers build three different paths appear: figurative, floral, or purely abstract with each having the common threads of energetic lines, harmonious bold color, and exciting textures.

          I have a strong sense of color and allow the blending of different colors to form the core of the painting. The colors are bold and striking with a surprise of contrasting color added at the end to make the other colors sing. While my primary palette leans more towards autumnal colors, I frequently play with other colors to make each piece have it’s own special harmony. People frequently comment on the richness of the color selections.

          My work continues to grow and while my mixed media pieces are now the main focus of my art, I revisit representational painting and drawing from time to time too. I am thrilled that I have had the opportunity to show my range and that my art continues to merge all of my strengths together.