Michael Jasinski

Let it never be said that a gift you give a child today won’t make a difference tomorrow.

When he left for University of Florida to pursue a degree in accounting, his younger brother Brian picked up the camera and he, too, found out what a powerful instrument of expression photography can be. After high school, Brian attended UF as well, and after getting his degree in criminal justice, he moved to Colorado. During one of Michael’s visits to his brother, Brian showed him a photo he had taken. It was then that Michael realized that Brian, too, had an eye for photography.

A short time later, the brothers realized that they were unhappy in their respective careers. After all, taking pictures has always felt natural to them. So in 1999 they started their business and in 2003 the Jasinski brothers went into photography full-time. They have been a staple of Howard Alan Events shows since around 2001, where they have the opportunity to meet others who are passionate about art in some excellent venues.

The Jasinski brothers capture the essence of the sandscapes, reminiscent of their childhood home in Merritt Island with depth and finesse. From breathtaking ocean shots to beautiful landscapes, Michael and Brian share their vision of the world around them, turning otherwise ordinary scenes into unforgettable slices of still life. Their talents, individual and collective, are part of what makes Howard Alan Events shows so great. To learn more about the Jasinski brothers, please visit their website.