Michael Bryant

Michael grew up in Albany, Georgia. He later moved to Atlanta and graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta. After spending most of his life in the capital of the New South, Michael considers himself a native of Atlanta - a city that has the best of everything he loves.

As a child, Michael lived for a time in Kent in southeastern England. While living in Europe he was exposed to the rich history of art which inspired him to pick up a camera. He continues to experience this inspiration and education during his travels to the great galleries, museums and other history rich sites in Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Mexico and Canada.

When the Olympics came to Atlanta in 1996 and adversely affected the photography studio he managed, Michael decided it was time to create full time. Since then he has been juried into the best Art Shows in the country, collected by patrons internationally and is featured in corporate collections around America.

Michael is constantly experimenting with materials and pushing the boundaries of his medium. "There is nothing more exciting than being surprised by how the next piece turns out."