Michael Bond
Raised in Durham County, England, an exchange student visit to Florida eventually led to Michael's residency in the United States.

A geographical cure to Wisconsin in 1979 resulted in a fortuitous visit to a used bookstore where he purchased a book on British Etchers. So engaged by this discovery, Michael enrolled in a printmaking course at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls and quickly created six zinc plate etchings.

It was then that the “American Dream” evolved: "I determined that I would be a full-time artist, and that the means to fulfill this ambition was to embark on the art fair circuit. I started with a table at a local art fair. After about three months, a modicum of success and enthusiastically producing more etchings, I decided to resign from my various part-time jobs and live the dream."

In 1986 Michael met and married Laura, who immediately became a full time business partner. They soon realized that their chances of success were greatly enhanced if Laura assisted in the studio and managed the details, thus allowing Michael to focus on printmaking. They commenced with applying to shows and assembling an annual schedule that consisted of twenty or more events. Michael Bond Etchings grew and for the last twenty five years has exhibited throughout the United States. Michael Bond's Original Fine Art prints have received numerous awards and has become widely collected.