Michael Aylward

"Mike Aylward, studio owner/ artist,  first started working with stained and leaded glass art work in 1990. Combining his education in architectural design and working with many Boston area stained glass artists, he launched North Shore Stained Glass Studios in Stoneham , MA in 1993. The studio focused on residential art glass (transoms, windows and doors), well as numerous restorations in the Boston area. The studio closed in 1998, but Mike continued to accept commissions over the years for residential work. Aldie Glassworks is located in the Decofine Art Gallery in historic Leesburg.


Small batch studio – After owning a full service studio for many years, Mike is committed to the highest quality art work and production. Limiting the commission workload provides higher quality control and more frequent client interaction.

Numerous commissions – The  artist/ owner has been involved in hundreds of commissions and restorations, primarily from his previous Boston-area studio, North Shore Stained Glass Studio. The Boston area is inundated with Victorian-style homes, many having one or more stained glass windows. Due to the degenerative quality of lead channels that have been exposed to weather elements, many 60+ years old windows required extensive repair and restoration. The artist/ owner was involved with a number of historical restorations in office buildings, churches, private residences and schools.

 Specialize in floral landing windows – Large landing windows are a specialty of Aldie Glassworks. Since the turn of the century, large ornate windows were built about stairwell landings and served as the primary centerpiece of the home. Often, the most expensive homes had windows designed and fabricated by Tiffany Studios (many of these original windows are worth more than $50K to $150K today). The most elaborate windows focused on quality art glass, design and detail, rather than window size. An average 9 square foot window might contain 100 to 150 pieces of art glass, with a fairly detailed design. The Tiffany studios windows often contain 200 to 300 pieces of glass, using art glass that was created by Louis C Tiffany. Our small batch studio builds landing windows containing 500 to 1,000 pieces of glass and uses art glass created by specialty studios in the US".