Melissa Esther

I am a portrait artist. I draw the faces of people I do not know with no particular purpose in mind. I love taking the two-dimensional drawing of a face and bringing it digitally to life. The transformation is breathtaking for me. I call my portraits “Souls” and believe they are an exploration of my subconscious thought and understanding. My main discipline right now is to study the effects of light and shadow and their ability to express mood, depth, and dimension, to find the “just right” balance between intrigue and the essence of the subject. I want to hide a story that only the observer will see. A silent story. Having felt at times like every one of my portraits, they have become a mirror of the human condition for me. There is no right or wrong interpretation of my faces. Some things are straight forward, some hidden. They simply provide a moment to consider beauty and peace in a place where they are not inherently obvious.