Megan Morgan
Mixed Media
Bristly formidable burlap surfaces, colorful and crumbly oil pastels blended one on top another, and splatters of paint sprayed through hand cut stencils are the mediums I mix to create my art: Coffee Art Print.


I repurpose burlap coffee bags by stretching them over frames to create my canvases. The surly material transforms into the surfaces I enjoy working upon. Hand cutting my own stencils and using spray paint creates a layered background of images and typography on the burlap. Sometimes I utilize the images and text already on the bags to work into my compositions. Then, I draw images over the surface with oil pastels and acrylic paints.


At times, it is extremely challenging to draw on burlap. When I successfully develop an image I have envisioned, the end result is rewarding. My passion to create art emerges from my desire to share the way I see light, shapes, colors, and the subjects that interest me. These current pieces reflect my passion for bringing the human scale of cycling within society into my art.