Mayauel Ward

Mayauel Ward was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California. Living only four blocks from the beach, he spent as much time in the water as on land. Originally planning a career as a physical therapist, he took one class in glassblowing and was hooked. After college, Mayauel went to work for Correia Art Glass, followed by Abelman Art Glass. In 1988 Mayauel started his own glass business making lampwork paperweights in his home. Over the years he has added vases, torchwork paperweights, light sculptures, perfume bottles, and pendants to his line. His pieces reflect his love of the ocean and nature with their coral reef and floral designs. Today Mayauel's work is collected in the United States as well as Hong Kong, England, Germany and France. Mayauel Ward Art Glass is known for its fine detail and is in great demand.