Marie Pace

Provincetown, Massachusetts is the home of Marie Pace's small design and production company. The work offered in this line of hand-crafted accessories is the culmination of a lifetime spent in the design and construction of couture fashion. A love for fine art, color and form finally found its way to this hand-crafted line, which includes women’s handbags, belts, and other small accessories.

While living in New York City in the 1970’s, her already extremely fine construction skills were honed to an even sharper point while free-lancing for the era's most well-known American designers. During the 1980's, while working with Jerry Giardelli, owner of Cape Cod's most famous atelier known as “Giardelli/Antonelli”, Ms. Pace’s eye for color and flow of design was informed even further. The designing and production of his exceptional women's clothing instilled an even more refined approach to her craft.

All of the items produced in this line are created with that same careful attention to perfection in every detail of shape and construction. Inspiration is drawn daily from the beauty of the natural surroundings on the tip of Cape Cod, where light and color have been the inspiration to artists for centuries.

Marie Pace Designs can be seen at the country's finest craft-as-art festivals throughout the year.