Mark Johnson
Mixed Media

Mark Johnson was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1971 and received a BFA in Fine Art from the University of Georgia in Athens in 1995.  After extensive travels to the west, he settled in Colorado and lived in the heart of the Rocky Mountains for nearly 20 years.   There his love of painting and the outdoors naturally led him to plein air painting.  What started as an exercise to improve his other expressive figurative works led to a new passion of exploring and portraying the natural beauty he was surrounded by.

After recently returning to Georgia, he has been drawn to the quiet, moody and atmospheric lighting effects of the lush countryside, the Appalachians, and the coasts of neighboring Florida.

His work can be seen at The Twin Gallery located in The Sautee Nacoochee Center, Sautee, Nacoochee, Georgia, and at art festivals all over the country.