Mark Grosser

Mark Grosser, the founder of M. Grosser Jewelry Design, was the first in the State of Indiana to be granted the "Certified Master Bench Jeweler" title by Jewelers of America. As a master jewelry designer and craftsman, he makes use of gold, diamonds, and other natural colored gemstones to create the most astounding and one-of-a-kind works of wearable art. His understanding of color, texture, and contrast give his work a sense of movement, which is unique to his work. It all started at the young age of 10, when he had already started designing jewelry. During high school, he took up classes at the community art center and the Indianapolis Art Museum. Over the years, he continued to pursue his passion as an apprentice of some of the world's top jewelers. Eventually, Mark Grosser achieved the status of a master jeweler, certified goldsmith. Mark Grosser's work has been widely showcased. Among the several awards and honors he has received include the Chairman Bench Jewelers Passion Award (2005-2009), Disney World Festival of the Masters (2005-2008), and first place at the Gold Coast Art Festival Chicago 2007.