Mark Groaning

It all started when…
I was just a wee lad when my Mother said my coloring book would look a lot better if I kept my coloring inside the lines. 

I thought, Waaaaat? 

That’s how it all started. I did my best to do as she said, to color inside the lines, but those neatly drawn lines were so darn restricting…binding my creativity and weighing me down…I couldn’t do it…I WOULDN’T! I needed to fly to the heights of my imagination in my own way, without restrictions, unfettered and so it was. Fast forward 50+ years and I create as I am inspired to do so with a wide variety of materials, though mostly Metals and Glass. At the heart of everything, I am a painter and am known for my illuminated paintings on glass, as well as steel canvas of my own crafting. 

All works on this site, unless otherwise noted, are available for purchase. Custom creations are considered on a case by case basis.