Mary Jo Burgiel

I started painting as a creative outlet 16 years ago when my children were young. I took watercolor classes in the evening and painted at home usually after my children went to bed. I loved the transparency of watercolor, and the layering effect that could be achieved with the medium. I also loved the way watercolor allows me to achieve lights and shadows so brilliantly.  

I reached a point where I wanted to start earning money from painting, so I took some additional seminars and started painting murals for clients who had seen my work. I continued to work on my watercolor technique as time allowed. As my painting technique improved, I wanted to focus on painting tropical scenes, beaches and other subjects that are found in Florida and the Caribbean.  

I travel to places in Florida and the Caribbean frequently for my inspiration. I am constantly taking pictures of tropical scenery that I want to capture in a painting. I have had a lifelong love affair with nature. A perfect image involves brilliant sunlight, rain kissed plants or flowers, coastal birds, or a fabulous water reflection.

I put an incredible amount of hours into each painting because I try to achieve a sense of realism in my work. I use vibrant colors and the layering process is extensive. I never rush to finish a painting because I find that if I don't think through the process entirely, I will never be happy with the end result.