Marye Brenda

Transformation intrigues me - be it in a person, place or thing.  Having a career as a holistic interior designer and a feng shui consultant, I experienced the wonders of transformation both in the personal lives of my clients and also in their environments.  The process is similar to that of the journey of a butterfly, which transforms from an innocuous creature to one of splendor and, at times, unimaginable beauty.  

This is what I experience when I work with metals.  In my studio, sterling silver and copper sheets and wire just stare at me, just waiting to be transformed.  I am amazed each and every time I start cutting, hammering and reaching for another tool - and then voila.  In front of me is a piece of jewelry that speaks volumes.  I try to infuse aesthetic balance in each piece of jewelry, striving to make each piece a showstopper.  

I design jewelry to be every woman's foundation of sophisticated elegance and timeless style.  Creativity and quality come first, not at the expense of price.  I strive to be a destination for creative high quality, handcrafted jewelry.