Maria Andrade Troya

"I am a studio potter working in the River Arts District in Asheville, NC, since 2001. Most of my work is thrown on wheel and decorated by hand. I then glaze the pieces and fire them in an electric kiln to cone 6. I love bright colors, so most of my pots are glazed in a variety of jewel tones.

I received a BFA in Printmaking from University of North Carolina at Asheville. After graduation, I became a studio assistant at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts. Through my two years working at Odyssey, I fell in love with clay. 

I have been working on my Black-eyed Pea line,which is glazed in a emerald green Chun Celadon and decorated with slip trailing scallops.  For the last two years I have also been developing another body of work based on my love of drawing. I own a pair of cats and a dog, so they became my inspiration for these pieces".