Marc Anderson

Marc was born and raised in central Wisconsin in the Rockwellian town of Wild Rose. He has three brothers and much to his mother’s dismay, no sisters. She wanted the Von Trapp Family, but what she got was closer to a cheesy barbershop quartet with excessive body odor. Nevertheless Marc’s parents were abundantly supportive of his and his brothers’ endeavors, creative or otherwise.

After graduating second in his class from Wild Rose High School, Marc packed up his brushes and moved to Menomonie, WI to study industrial design at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. After two years in the design department, Marc had the opportunity to draw caricatures at the Valleyfair theme park in Shakopee, MN. There he received training from MAD magazine’s Tom Richmond. It only took one summer of retail caricatures—and let’s face it, making good money for a college kid—to get Marc hooked on illustration and cartooning. Upon returning to UW-Stout, Marc began drawing editorial cartoons for the school paper. After realizing just how opinionated he actually was, he began writing for the Op-Ed section as well. He quickly devoted all his creative energy to learning all he could about cartooning and illustration while honing his craft.

Marc’s work has continued to evolve as he broadens his scope of subject matter, materials, techniques, and genres. In recent years, Marc’s personal work has explored new uses of color as well as mark making to articulate form in oil, acrylic and watercolor. Painting en plein air has been the best avenue for him to do so, and it has the added bonus of getting him out of the studio and out in the daylight—which folklore accurately tells us, freelancers are afraid of.

Marc currently resides in Menomonie, Wisconsin where he has been participating in the local art scene while keeping active with clients regionally, nationally, and oversees.