Mamuka Didebashvili

Didebashvili was born in 1968 in Tbilisi, capital of the public Republic of Georgia. He studied at the Mamuka koladze School of Art from 1983-87 and in the painting department of Tbilisi's State Art Academy from 1990-96. 

Mamuka Didebashvili Since the days of their studenthood at the Academy, during which time Mamuka and Maia became married, both artists have participated in art exhibits in Georgia well as abroad. They study work in to their created works exhibit a prolific artistry which evidences the great success of these young painters. They have attracted public interest ever since their very first appearances and have made themselves memorable through their consistently original artwork. Their paintings, which are marked by special form of spirituality and a refined taste, carry a great charge yet are in fact accomplished through calm balanced positional resolution. Both painters cultivate their very own artistic worlds in which the human being always plays a central role. Though the social status and occupation of the characters in their paintings are conveyed precisely by the representation of accessories and props, the characters themselves are not the concrete individuals of portraiture. 

A certain generalization takes place in Didebashvili’s and Ramishvili’s art. Each of the two artists has formed in his or her imagination certain types of human beings these images, not those of single characters but rather generalizations, are focal elements in each of these young painters broad spectra of personal artistic expression. Didebashvili emphasizes those features and habits of humankind, which to him are basic and definable. His characters are various kinds of people thinkers, philosophers, knights with tender souls, uncompromising duelers, calm food-tasters, ascetics, and others. Both artists manage to articulate all levels of spiritual depth, each of which serves as a means for penetrating the artist's inner world.