Luke Proctor

"I am an artist blacksmith, the techniques I use have been used by smiths around the world for thousands of years. 
I use traditional forging techniques and joinery to create contemporary work. I start with metal cut to a predetermined length and heat it in one of my forges, I use both coke and propane gas. I then use either my mechanical trip hammer or hand hammers at the anvil and most often I will use both. I have made the majority of my tooling, I use different tool steels for hot cutting chisels, slits, drifts, punches and hammers. 
The style I have developed is in part inspired by the Danish Modern and Shaker styles. I focus on keeping clean simple lines and forging every part of each piece to shape the metal hot. The joinery becomes an aesthetic part of the piece, a focal point, it represents hard honest work that is thought of to be sophisticated in its simplicity".