Luis Perez
Printmaking Drawing
The aesthetics of Wabi-Sabi found me before I knew of its existence. How often has the expression “if these wall could talk” been thought of or spoken? Well, to me they do talk. There is a whisper in every dark crevasse, a stately remark in the most corroded metal, an exclamation in every bubble of old paint, a soothing sigh in a burnished plank of ancient wood. The challenge for me is to present beauty and wholeness while evoking the overall sense of impermanence, chaos, suffering, imperfection, lonesomeness, decay and emptiness (lack of self). I love the beauty of the textures and colors derived from the imperfections, modesty and degeneration found in our transient world.
I assume the same mental view when executing a black and white drawing. I still look for the textures and the tones on every surface, except that the stories are different and more specific. Some images may take on the form of an essay, an editorial, a social commentary and even an autobiography.