Loura and Gregg Dobbs

Figurative Artist 
Loura Parks Dobbs attended Boston University, the University of New Hampshire and the Skowhegan School of Art before settling at the Naguib School of Sculpture on the shores of Lake Michigan just outside of Chicago, beginning her education in the classic style of full figure human sculpture as protégé to world renowned artist and master sculptor Mustafa Naguib, where her work consisted of all aspects of steel armature construction, clay sculpture, mold making, casting and finishing.Loura's recent works include commissions of St. Peter and St. Michael The Archangel for the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe, in Lake Buena Vista Florida. Commissions for the Mennello Museum of American Art and The George C. Young United States Federal Building and Courthouse in Orlando, and a sculpture for The Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.