Loret Gomez

Born in California and raised in Florida of Cuban-American decent, Loret started her career as an artist at the young age of 10. Her art included mosaics, charcoals, water colors, sculpting, oil and acrylic painting. She began designing jewelry to express her own creativity and fashion style. “I remember drawing my sketches and begging my mother to take me to the neighborhood jeweler to have my designs created. I would intricately explain every detail of my drawing to make my vision come true.”

Loret now designs and fabricates handmade artisan jewelry combining precious metals and the finest gemstones to create memorable jewelry with brilliant color combinations, textures, and shapes. Inspired by the different countries she has travelled to; her designs are all influenced by the unique essence of each country. She enjoys treasure hunting for unique materials which mostly include semi-precious stones from Latin America, Murano glass from Italy, pearls from China, and vintage artifacts from the world over.

She hopes each piece gives her clients a sense of the pulse, the energy, the flavor, the heart and soul; of every street, village, town and city which she’s traveled to gather and create each one of a kind piece.