Leo & Dusty Atkinson

Leo Atkinson has been mastering the Lapidary Arts since the late 1980’s. Somewhere in the middle of this new career of his, he recruited his kids into the shop to help him with the ever increasing demand for his one of a kind fossil and mineral sculpture. An unintended (or possibly intended) consequence of bringing his children into the fold is they eventually fell in love with rocks and became proficient in many of the lapidary techniques. Fast forward to 2012, after graduating college and working several years in the real world two of Leo’s children, Dustin and Siara, decided to work with their Father full-time as a chance to be closer to family while at the same time seeing different parts of the US. Through the past 6 years all of Leo’s children have continued to contribute to the family livelihood on a part-time basis with the exception of Dusty who is now a full time Artist alongside his Father. Both Leo and Dusty have their own unique styles, yet on occasion they will combine their talents to create a collaborative masterpiece.