Liz Aitken

"I fell in love with creating at a very young age, but as I matured and developed, so did my artwork.

My painting style has been described as dreamy, colorful, and abstract. It is my belief that art is not just a world of its own, but a vessel, or conduit, to express beauty and belief. ​

My work lends itself to a more undefined and abstract nature, because some of the most breathtaking things in this life have been blurry, layered, and wrought with ambiguity. For example; love and joy, two complex, but gorgeous parts of life. Within each piece of art I create, there is love and there is joy in multiple forms. The mediums of oil paint and encaustic permit texture and movement that lends itself to abstraction and a unique dream-like attitude.

Throughout the development of this style and personal outlook, my journey has taken me all over the world; to Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, India, and many other places, including Western Michigan University. There, I was able to learn, grow, experiment, and eventually earned a BFA in Studio Art, with an emphasis in Painting, and a minor in Spanish. Although I glean inspiration from the world, one of my biggest loves and influences on my life perspective, is my faith life and walk with Christ. And one of my biggest joys in life is my best friend, my husband.​

Currently, I am experiencing this fantastic world and working in my studio in Charleston, SC. Please contact me if you would like to visit my studio, purchase a painting, or are just interested in talking about art and life!"