Lisa Faire Graham

Lisa Faire Graham
My story as an artist began with a childhood friend who was a talented photographer. When we were teenagers, she loaned me her beloved Pentax 35mm and pointed out subjects for me to shoot while she provided lessons on composition and camera settings. When she directed me to shoot a fencepost, I balked, thinking it would be a waste of time and film, but she insisted. After the film was developed, I’ll never forget being amazed at the image of textured wood, amid a beautiful swirl of grain. She could have easily said, “I told you so,” but instead quietly urged me to always seek “beauty in everyday, ordinary things.” I shared that very special story during her memorial service after she lost her courageous fight to cancer. Each time I use a camera, I think of her.

As a fine art photographer, I am inspired by the masterpieces of God in skyscapes and nature, as well as the discovery of hidden beauty within vintage architecture, vehicles and objects of yesteryear. I use Nikon DSLR cameras to capture these subjects, and employ digital painterly techniques to reimagine and create visual narratives to express their artistry in new ways. In addition to being featured in publications, my award-winning images have been displayed in gallery and museum exhibitions, including the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Tampa.

My interest in nostalgic and vintage subjects derived from being a 5th-generation native of Central Florida, growing up in the area where my ancestors lived. I was honored to contribute my skills as researcher/archiver for a soon-to-be-published history book, titled Clermont: From Gem of the Hills to Choice of Champions.

I am a University of Florida graduate, who worked 20 years in the defense industry on projects to support our military men and women. In addition to my photography, I am also an author with stories in Christian anthologies, and a piece I wrote about our rescue cat, titled, “Blue Eyes & Elbows,” was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Really Did That? My husband and I rescued a cat born with misaligned legs who amazingly adapted by learning to walk on her elbows, and we hope her story will encourage people to provide forever homes to special needs animals.

Thank you for your interest in my fine art photography, which can be viewed and purchased on my website.