Lesley Reich

I have been a production potter since 1972. I studied with Professor Hui Ka Kwong at Douglass College in 1970. The next year I worked with Janka McClatchey, a well-known potter in Ann Arbor, MI. My early pieces were functional stoneware that I sold at my first craft fair, the Free Art Fair, in 1972.

In 1987, after I felt I had perfected my throwing skills, I moved on to porcelain. Using porcelain is a lot like throwing stiff cream cheese. Many of my bowls and vessels are translucent, and they are all trimmed so they are light, thin, and well-balanced, making them a joy to use. By combining jeweltone oxidation (electric fired) glazes and applying them on the pure white porcelain, I achieve unusual, striking combinations.

I have exhibited and sold my work in juried art and craft fairs from Vermont to Florida, and New York to California, and in galleries, department stores, and shops nationwide. My pieces are part of the White House Ornament Collection and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum and numerous collections around the world".