Leah Jamison

I had one semester of nursing school remaining. The years of studying and tests came to an abrupt end with the diagnosis of breast cancer. Included in my therapy toward wellness was the recommendation to relax. Alone with my thoughts, I traveled back to a gentler time. Memories of my mother and grandmother engaged in the skillful dance of homemaking filled my thoughts. My grandmother always wore a different, colorful, handmade apron, two of which she shared with me. Now I wanted to sit down beside her and sew aprons. My grandmother started a story in my young heart.

Within that summer of therapy and decisions, I sewed many aprons and gave them as gifts. The recipient always shared a story about an apron. If my grandmother were here to tell her story it would probably include the day she shared her aprons with me. I invite you to remember your apron story or start a new story by sharing an apron with someone you love.

When we first began making aprons, people felt compelled to share a fond memory about an apron with us. This has evolved into a collection of stories which are published on a small card and included when you purchase an apron.
Feel free to send us your apron story which could become part of our archives. Please send it to leahjojamison@gmail.com

Our aprons make a unique and personalized gift that can be handed down through generations and will create new stories for years to come.