Leah Gillette
Mixed Media

Since 2011, the development of textile abstracts has been my primary focus.  Each canvas is designed and typically woven with fabric, natural, synthetic, and finished elements. The canvas, distorted and painted, wraps frame construction.

Previous business experience in Atlanta, Georgia's interior design industry sparked a renewed interest in the weave construction of textiles, color, and the visual arts.  Integrating common elements in an uncommon manner became an ardent interest that fuels my pursuit of advancing this contemporary art form.

The intent is to alter any preconceived notions of the textile art form by the inclusion of divergent works that stimulate and maintain interest from a modern perspective.

Finished textiles and the visual arts reflect societies' distinctive characteristics, values, and customs.  My mixed media 2D pays tribute to the historical importance and evolution of fibers, weaving technology, and the visual arts.