Lea Alboher
Mixed Media

Born in Israel, she emigrated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1979 where she found a nurturing, creative community and an atmosphere conducive to emotional healing. Simply put, she fell in love with San Francisco and like many, her heart will always belong to the City.

Lea participated in therapy and joined various groups in San Francisco, but didn't actively pursue art until reaching her forties. "I'm kind of a late bloomer," she'll tell you. In fact, she had always wanted to be an artist, but she felt that she had no capacity for it. Having witnessed her father's own desire to become an artist wither away, Lea realized that she did not want to end up with unfulfilled dreams. Thus, she began experimenting with various art forms and truly found herself.

Though Lea never married and has no children, she is a proud co-parent of her beloved cat. As an artist who spends the better half of the year traveling to various art shows, Lea, an animal lover, found herself without a cat for three years. A friend's kitten stole her heart, and a creative solution to her dilemma soon materialized. How about co-parenting? Today, Einstein has two homes and two mommas. When Lea is on the road, she knows Einstein is well cared for.

Lea currently lives in Sonoma, California, taking comfort in her proximity to San Francisco, creating collages, gardening, hiking and most of all, enjoying her Einstein. She has no need to go on a vacation she will tell you "Being at home, it's the best”.