Laurie Hein

Laurie Snow Hein has been painting all her life.  Like many young artists, she was doubtful that she could make a career of her passion. Laurie's parents had convinced her that it was impossible to make a living as an artist. When her kindergarten teacher asked if she was going to be an artist, she replied, "No, I want to be a doctor.” Her talent was inescapable, though. It was in her DNA...both parents, a grandmother and a brother were artistic. At age 12, Laurie started studying with Graham Ingels, a retired illustrator and portrait painter in Lantana, Florida. In her senior year of high school, Mr. Ennis–her art teacher–encouraged Laurie to apply for art scholarships. She received a full scholarship from Columbus College of Art & Design. 

After a year of college and winning a scholarship for her second year, Laurie married and began combining art with being a wife and busy mother. She found time to paint portraits and enjoyed her art part time. Then, at age 40 when her 6th child was born and her oldest was heading to college, Laurie's husband lost his job. Her talent as an artist was now needed as the source of the family's income. She began teaching classes and accepting portrait commissions. When Laurie's paintings were noticed by a national publisher, her successful career in art publishing and licensing was launched.  She says, "I was blessed to be able to support and raise my family of six children solely on my art income."