Laura Gitterle

Since I was very young, I have been passionate about photography.  My professional background on marine biology and agroeocology, gave me strong connection to the nature, the people, and its environment. Through all my fieldwork on many different ecosystems and landscapes, I felt the need to capture magical moments that should to be preserved in your/our memory as human beings forever.
Thanks to all the exciting years living in South East Asia, I had the wonderful opportunity to develop my passion as a travel photographer.  With my camera I aim to create art pieces about nature, people, traditional activities, from different cultures around the world. Each image wants to capture the essence of each place so the viewer can feel closer to amazing sights that perhaps they haven’t experience before. I carefully select magical or exotic places to shoot, I chase the best light and best angles for getting the best outcome on each composition. I also like to interact with the local people, and capture images of the beauty and richness of traditions, dresses, markets, small scale farmers, etc.
Each image is delivered ready to hang and available in three medium: ultraHD Photo Print On Aluminum Dibond, ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass or canvas. The sizes available are: 30*20, 36*24, 45*30; custom sizes are available under request, depending on each photograph. All images are limited edition, they are titled, signed, numbered and dated.

Prints on photographic paper are also available, sizes 11*14 and 8*12.