Laurie Fowler & Bill Thelen
Mixed Media

Working for thirty years in close contact with art collectors, designers and architects, Laurie Fowler and Bill Thelen specialize in site-specific commissions. The form, rhythm, dimension and contrast of materials in their work reflect their creative fascination with vibrant color, textual variation and strong movement. 

Using a variety of techniques, their sculptural works are created on welded steel structures, shaped canvas and wood panels. The finished surfaces incorporate steel, brass, copper, textural acrylic painting, suede and fiber elements. 

Working directly on canvas, wood and steel armatures ensures excetional durability, minimal maintenence and ease of installation while allwing the artists a unique exploration of the sculptural form. 

Drawing from a background in both art and architecture, scaled elevations and renderings of proposed works can be provided along with color samples for limited edition pieces and commissioned originals.