Laurie Copeland

With her love of nature, Laurie Barker Copeland—published author, actress and jewelry designer--enjoys creating “Seriously Fun” necklaces, earrings, hairsticks, tassels, rings and bracelets made from agates, druzys, quartz, jasper, recycled sari silk and more!

Her gifting lies in the ability to mix design and gorgeous colors, with her undeniable flair and element of fun! Her customers agree—the most heard comment when describing Laurie and her jewelry are “unique,” “fun”, and “I love your style!” 

In 2014, she opened the doors to the award-winning Ferne Ruth Co, named after her inspiration—her mother, an award-winning painter.  Laurie grew up watching her mother paint; she would ask Laurie opinions on her paintings...even when Laurie was young.  This was her training:  She became creative just by consistently being around it.  To this day, layout and design is Laurie’s favorite element of her artwork, thanks to her mother’s questions and trust in her opinions. 

After Laurie’s bout with breast cancer, 50% of all pink jewelry profits go to Breast Cancer research. 

Laurie hopes you’ll enjoy her jewelry.  She always says “The best part of art and craft shows are seeing old customers, as well as meeting new ones!”