Kris Halter

"My fascination with jewelry began at a young age when my maternal grandmother, who was a very stylish woman, opened and revealed the contents of her jewelry box with me. I was taken back to a different time and place as she shared the story behind each piece. This started my love affair with jewelry. Years later, I discovered the metaphysical and healing properties of stones while studying Feng Shui and caring for my ailing father.

I have an eye for the unusual and can spot it among thousands of stones as I do each year on my annual buying trips.  My work has gone from early art shows to fine art museum gift stores, while always maintaining my intention for creating beautiful, and unusual jewelry.

My first career as a fashion merchandiser trained my sense of what makes a woman alluring, decorated, perfect in form.  Today, my work is inspired by the symbolism of jewelry and its use throughout history for protection, attraction and enlightenment. Nature, fine art, haute couture, indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions inform my work. I interpret these into unique compositions that are my trademark, using unexpected combinations of gemstones and found objects with silver and gold.  I design all of my own work…the lovely meditation of creating with my hands.

It is my intention that you wear your Kris Halter jewelry often and that it be a symbol of the beautiful spirit that you are".